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Day 6: East Texas Food Bank

December 7, 2012

I wanted to volunteer somewhere local during my adventure in generous giving.  Today I gave my time as a volunteer at East Texas Food Bank.  While ordinarily they would be sorting food, I ended up sweeping out the cold storage freezer section.  It was so cold but I pressed through and I may pay for it over the next couple days but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  I don’t think we give our time enough!  We act like life is so precious and we hold on to every second we have like it’s our last, but it was truly an amazing thing to give that time today.  The sound of surprise in the volunteer coordinator’s voice when he found out that I was just volunteering, not doing community service, made me smile a bit.   

I know we all have busy lives but I want to encourage you to slow down once in awhile and take a look at someplace or someone that needs a bit of extra help.  You can learn more about the East Texas Food Bank at


Sombering Soliloquy

October 26, 2011

How much do you want to be with Me?

It’s hard for me to even begin to try and get past this question.  It’s the question God keeps asking me.   Like a whispering earthquake, it quietly shakes my core while I try to figure out how to make sense of a soul in ruins.

I can’t even begin to make sense of it all.  I just hope that somehow I can become more intimate with Him.  That’s it, that’s my purpose; To BE with Him.  Everything else falls into place… everything else is peace.

My life, a Utopia?

September 23, 2011

My journey has only just begun, but I’m striving to live the life that I want to live.  If you’ve read any other of my blog entries, you’ll find that I’m trying to blog at least once per day.  I’m just learning to try and find who I want to be, which may be odd at 30, but it’s better late than never.  I could tell you my life story thus far and you would probably be sympathetic to it, but I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just looking forward.

I recently stumbled upon a website,  As usual, I was blown away by this guy’s story.  I’ve always thought that success is always measured only by your perception of it.  I’ll admit; I’m guilty of idealizing success in the form of owning a car, a house, a pet.  I recognize stability and responsibility as the building blocks of what I find success to be.  Somehow though, I think I’ve missed the point.

Am I happy with my life now? Less and less from what I imagined even 6 months ago.  I bought a house, racked up some debt, and am now inventing ways for extra cash flow to pay for all of it.  I have not yet reached the brink of financial instability and God willing, I never will.  I have plans, backup plans, and backup to the backup plans.  They are all laid out in my head on what to do if this, or if that happens.  I’m responsible in regards to my debt by the world’s terms; I pay my bills on time.  Despite all of this, I find myself looking to the book of Ecclesiastes and its explanation of the life I’ve built; “It’s all meaningless.”

The only true desire is to live life to its fullest, in God and for God.  A life lived for God is the most non-meaningless goal that I can think of.  In that life, I hope to find things like a wife, kids, and even a couple dogs.  Whatever path God chooses for me to follow, I plan to live it to the fullest, happy for what I have been given, excited to fulfill what is required; My Utopia.

No one ever said, “I want to be an excel nerd when I grow up”

September 23, 2011

It’s true, I love excel.  I’ve always been fascinated by the constant way people find to manipulate technology.  I’ve always been a person that wants to take something all apart and find  out what make’s it tick, all the way to the last solder.

No matter what I get my hands on, I like to know how it works.  Ever since I started dabbling with Excel formula’s, my love for it has grown.  Let me get one thing clear though, I am not the most astute at math and anything above basic algebra has turned my nose away.  Excel provides me a forum to think critically and to be productive at the same time.   I’ve often been accused of being to lackadaisical and carefree, but that is just my creativeness taking the driver’s seat.

I am also driven by problem solving.  I love a good puzzle and can’t resist a challenge.  The basic idea comes down to the fact that I want to do things so that people stand and look and say, “WoW, how did he do that.”  Thus we bring full circle back to Excel.  Using formula’s and VBA allows me to paint my digital canvas.  And with the last keystroke you will see the masterpiece I have created. Streamlined and tested, so that Excel… well excels.

Who in the world do you think you are?

September 22, 2011

Most people today would be surprised to know that the answer to this question is easier than you might think. Recently, I’ve been thinking about my “online presence” and what that means to the people around me.

You may think to yourself that you don’t need to know who I am, because you already know me. There are people however who need to know who you are and what you are about. I recently read an article shared by John Bergquist.  Here is the article in question, The Resume is dead.   If you took a moment to read the article, then this will all make more sense.   If you didn’t, let’s pause while you do.   Done?  Good.

This article made me really debate my online presence and what it meant to me and to others.  A quick Google search of my name brought up my Facebook & Google+ accounts respectively.  I thought about what someone who I might be interviewing with would think of the profile they would find when clicking on the link.

They instantly see my likes, dislikes, and perhaps even an embarrassing photo or two.  I have to admit, I instantly edited both profiles to shed a more professional light to who I am.  It really caused me to think about my perception of others based on their profiles as well.

Some were incomplete while others looked like nervous secret spies.  Fear of the online persona is a whole other issue altogether, but it does play a part in some peoples profiles.

Overall I’m excited to go in a dust off some old blogs (including this one) and really try to pursue a better internet bio.  I’d love your feedback.  See ya next time.

Webcams, Worship, and More

October 11, 2010

So I got a webcam…  I’m pretty much a technology junkie and so I’ve been getting used to trying to well, be in front of a camera and broadcast out to people.   I’m not the greatest singer or guitar player, but my worship is genuine.  check it out.

Couldn’t figure out how to embed. oh well

What is worship?

October 1, 2010

What’s up with worship?

Does it ever really change, or does each up and coming culture define it differently?   As a worship leader, you try to stay on top of new music, trends, and what everyone is listening to.  I’m sure you’ve heard your share of Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, and Hillsong United.   You may even be lucky enough to be singing some Kim Walker or Jesus Culture.   For me, these are all great artists who have defined a generation of worship.  They are innovative, ever-changing, and set the standard for modern worship.  Despite all this, the question still lingers in my mind, what is worship?

To people who write worship songs, who record the inspiration given from God, worship is a world of praise and adoration.  It’s a crying out to God for all the things we need, want, desire.  It’s the rocky relationship between Creator and created.  It’s the written inflection of a sound we call singing.   Being one of those writers, I’m not really sure how to describe those who aren’t. 

Some people describe it as a gateway to God.  Other’s an entering of God’s throne room.  Recently I heard it described as the Holy of Holies, an entering into the inner court where the veil had been ripped.  Other’s describe is as an alterted stae of mind. 

I think in the end, you have to determine yourself what worship is.  If for any other reason, it’s a relationship between you and God.  That relationship is unique to you and Him alone.  Not every man woo’s his bride the same way.  Not every relationship makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.   But in every relationship, one thing is true, you know where you are in it.  

So worship the way you do. Worship the Father above will everything.  Sing, dance, scream, cry.  But DO IT!!!   Your relationship with God is worth it.