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LF Worshipers

September 18, 2008

Worshipers needed, Must be on fire for God and willing to make sacrifices.  Realization that worship is not about you required.  Lifting hands not necessary, but a big bonus.  Please reference David for more info.

Every feel like this?  Sometimes leading Worship seems more like a coaxing of the congregation than an actuall act of praise to God.   It gets even worse when the people you do have worshiping, want to goto the back of the room to be left alone.  So here we are with the people who “want from God” in the front and the people “seeking God” in the back.  Man! i want to be where the real praise and adoration are coming from.

My thoughts on the Presence of God has always been that wherever it is, that’s where I want to be.  It just so happens that most of those times, it’s been knocked out by the spirit 5ft from the pulpit.  Despite the obvious differences, i like to compare the back seat vs. front row worshipers to the patrons of a concert.

As a performing artist, what would drive you more, fans who sat at the back and did nothing or fans who crowded the front and went completely nuts!!!!    I’m for the front row crazies who want to get so close that they can reach out and touch you; or God for our purposes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that God can’t move anyway, He can, He will!  I just want to exhort you today to see what happens, give it a try.   Let’s turn our backs to the back row and focus on God with all abandon.

Practicing His Presense,

C.S. Miracle

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