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Waking with Worship

September 24, 2008

So many time in my life I can recall the entire perspective and attitude of my day coming down to one defining moment.  The defining moment is like the rudder for our entire day, just like it can change it for the good, it can also change it for the worse.  From petty arguements to major decisions, our temperment can change in a flash.  Some people say that those moments define who we are, I’d rather hold to the opinion that who we are define those moments.

I don’t get much sleep, and I blame alot on that.  My work schedule, my physical body, any tangible excuse I can muster up to blame my bad day and my bad attitude on, I will.   However, there are those days that I wake up full of energy and ready to have a wonderful day.  Most of these days happen when I’m Waking with Worship.   God’s peace profoundly fills my soul and my heart, spirit, and soul cannot help but leap out of my mouth and praise Him.   I cherish these days, but what about the other ones, where I’m tired, groggy, and cranky.

God can do anything, and we can do everything through Him who gives us strength.   This means that no matter what, our lives can be upside down, twisted, and bent in a matter of moment.  From bad day to good day is achievable everyday if we maintain our focus despite ourselves.

So I want to encourage you and uplift you today.  I also want to challenge you to start that day off right.  Waking with Worship is just one way to do it, but it’s very effective.  Worship is like the hallway right before you enter the throne room.  It ALWAYS leads to God no matter what.   So no matter what your attitude or energy level today, jump in the shower and start shouting praises to God.  Let the Holy Spirit well up within you and pray in your heavenly prayer language and let God speak to your heart.

Have a Great Day!!

C.S. Miracle

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