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What is worship?

October 1, 2010

What’s up with worship?

Does it ever really change, or does each up and coming culture define it differently?   As a worship leader, you try to stay on top of new music, trends, and what everyone is listening to.  I’m sure you’ve heard your share of Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, and Hillsong United.   You may even be lucky enough to be singing some Kim Walker or Jesus Culture.   For me, these are all great artists who have defined a generation of worship.  They are innovative, ever-changing, and set the standard for modern worship.  Despite all this, the question still lingers in my mind, what is worship?

To people who write worship songs, who record the inspiration given from God, worship is a world of praise and adoration.  It’s a crying out to God for all the things we need, want, desire.  It’s the rocky relationship between Creator and created.  It’s the written inflection of a sound we call singing.   Being one of those writers, I’m not really sure how to describe those who aren’t. 

Some people describe it as a gateway to God.  Other’s an entering of God’s throne room.  Recently I heard it described as the Holy of Holies, an entering into the inner court where the veil had been ripped.  Other’s describe is as an alterted stae of mind. 

I think in the end, you have to determine yourself what worship is.  If for any other reason, it’s a relationship between you and God.  That relationship is unique to you and Him alone.  Not every man woo’s his bride the same way.  Not every relationship makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.   But in every relationship, one thing is true, you know where you are in it.  

So worship the way you do. Worship the Father above will everything.  Sing, dance, scream, cry.  But DO IT!!!   Your relationship with God is worth it.

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