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No one ever said, “I want to be an excel nerd when I grow up”

September 23, 2011

It’s true, I love excel.  I’ve always been fascinated by the constant way people find to manipulate technology.  I’ve always been a person that wants to take something all apart and find  out what make’s it tick, all the way to the last solder.

No matter what I get my hands on, I like to know how it works.  Ever since I started dabbling with Excel formula’s, my love for it has grown.  Let me get one thing clear though, I am not the most astute at math and anything above basic algebra has turned my nose away.  Excel provides me a forum to think critically and to be productive at the same time.   I’ve often been accused of being to lackadaisical and carefree, but that is just my creativeness taking the driver’s seat.

I am also driven by problem solving.  I love a good puzzle and can’t resist a challenge.  The basic idea comes down to the fact that I want to do things so that people stand and look and say, “WoW, how did he do that.”  Thus we bring full circle back to Excel.  Using formula’s and VBA allows me to paint my digital canvas.  And with the last keystroke you will see the masterpiece I have created. Streamlined and tested, so that Excel… well excels.

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