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Circumstancial Worship

October 15, 2008

We’ve got it all wrong.  We’ve had it wrong from the beginning

As much as I’ve pressed the issue on this blog, as well as when preaching, or even just talking to people, one theme has remained the same, worship: It’s not about you.

I’ve always been a big advocate of some ideals or philosophies in my life.  These sayings or motto’s give creed to my life and the way I  live it, as I am sure yours do.  One thing I’ve learned from way back in the days of Teenmania is this:  “Don’t let your circumstances dictate your actions or attitude, rather let your actions and attitude dictate your circumstance”  I’ve always tried to keep this morsel of truth in the forefront of my mind wherever I go.   Until recently however; I had not really looked at this from the standpoint of worship.

We’ve all fallen prey to it at one time or another, the selfish worshiper.  Some of us have never been taught differently.  It’s not that our churches or families have taught us wrong, it’s just that we having found something good, don’t want to move on to something better.   We become ignorant to the fact that selfish worship is only a stepping stone to something greater.

Selfish worship in itself is a byproduct of milk.  No, it’s not cheesy and it’s not curdled; rather it is the equivalent  of a baby on a bottle.   When we first get introduced to God, we discover that He is the only one who can sustain us.  He feeds us with His word and with His Spirit to get us to the place where we don’t need to be fed these things, but we can consciously eat and partake of these things.  There are so many analogies we could use, but let me just try to get to the point.

Milk is for the selfish, Meat is for the selfless.  Milk is not bad.  I want to make that clear.  It is necessary in order for us to grow, to build a foundation of Godliness in our lives.  Eating meat takes us to a place where our foundation is solid in God.  We cannot be shaken.  Our faith is never ending and never fading.  This is the place we all desire to be but never think we will get.  Thus our reaction is to stay on the bottle and just let the milk flow down.  God desires more of us though.  He calls us to live for Him.  Just like a parent doesn’t want their child to live in the house forever, God wants us to move out, and carry on His legacy.  There are people that are 40+ years old in the Lord who is still on the bottle!  why, because they never recognized God needed them just as much as they needed God.  God has a will for each and everyone of us that He wants to pour out.  Eat meat!

So how does this whole thing have to do with worship?

We let our circumstances dictate our worship rather than letting worship dictate our circumstance.  We’ve become selfish in our worship to the point where we don’t know any better.   Worship has stopped being about praising God and started becoming a leach feeding frenzy.  Let’s suck up as much God as we can because our lives are horrible.  We’ve become piranha’s and parasites.  We want enough God to survive our week.  We let what’s going on in our life determine not only how much we worship but also why we worship.  As I said before though, It’s not about us.

Worshiping God because of our circumstances is the way to go here.  stay with me.  Take a moment right now and think about your day, your week, your year.   Think about all the big events that have shaped your life over the past 6 months.  Close your eyes and really get a grip on these things.     Okay?

Now imagine these things that define you not only to yourself but also to others.  They are your crown, no matter how beautiful or ugly, it is your crown.   Now imagine yourself bowing down before God, and laying down that crown in front of Him.  The important thing to realize here is this:  It’s no longer in your hands, but it is at God’s feet.

When we come into worship with this attitude and these actions, God is able to complete the good work in us.  He is able to use us as a vessel for Him.  We become identified by Him, rather than our crown.  Oh, and where is that crown?  what happened to it.  Hmm….looks like our Father has taken care of that to, because I don’t even see it anymore.

C.S. Miracle


Waking with Worship

September 24, 2008

So many time in my life I can recall the entire perspective and attitude of my day coming down to one defining moment.  The defining moment is like the rudder for our entire day, just like it can change it for the good, it can also change it for the worse.  From petty arguements to major decisions, our temperment can change in a flash.  Some people say that those moments define who we are, I’d rather hold to the opinion that who we are define those moments.

I don’t get much sleep, and I blame alot on that.  My work schedule, my physical body, any tangible excuse I can muster up to blame my bad day and my bad attitude on, I will.   However, there are those days that I wake up full of energy and ready to have a wonderful day.  Most of these days happen when I’m Waking with Worship.   God’s peace profoundly fills my soul and my heart, spirit, and soul cannot help but leap out of my mouth and praise Him.   I cherish these days, but what about the other ones, where I’m tired, groggy, and cranky.

God can do anything, and we can do everything through Him who gives us strength.   This means that no matter what, our lives can be upside down, twisted, and bent in a matter of moment.  From bad day to good day is achievable everyday if we maintain our focus despite ourselves.

So I want to encourage you and uplift you today.  I also want to challenge you to start that day off right.  Waking with Worship is just one way to do it, but it’s very effective.  Worship is like the hallway right before you enter the throne room.  It ALWAYS leads to God no matter what.   So no matter what your attitude or energy level today, jump in the shower and start shouting praises to God.  Let the Holy Spirit well up within you and pray in your heavenly prayer language and let God speak to your heart.

Have a Great Day!!

C.S. Miracle

LF Worshipers

September 18, 2008

Worshipers needed, Must be on fire for God and willing to make sacrifices.  Realization that worship is not about you required.  Lifting hands not necessary, but a big bonus.  Please reference David for more info.

Every feel like this?  Sometimes leading Worship seems more like a coaxing of the congregation than an actuall act of praise to God.   It gets even worse when the people you do have worshiping, want to goto the back of the room to be left alone.  So here we are with the people who “want from God” in the front and the people “seeking God” in the back.  Man! i want to be where the real praise and adoration are coming from.

My thoughts on the Presence of God has always been that wherever it is, that’s where I want to be.  It just so happens that most of those times, it’s been knocked out by the spirit 5ft from the pulpit.  Despite the obvious differences, i like to compare the back seat vs. front row worshipers to the patrons of a concert.

As a performing artist, what would drive you more, fans who sat at the back and did nothing or fans who crowded the front and went completely nuts!!!!    I’m for the front row crazies who want to get so close that they can reach out and touch you; or God for our purposes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that God can’t move anyway, He can, He will!  I just want to exhort you today to see what happens, give it a try.   Let’s turn our backs to the back row and focus on God with all abandon.

Practicing His Presense,

C.S. Miracle